Universal BUT Special



A Series. Strengths


The A Series is the optimum result of decades of experience in the joints manufacturing.


Main features:

- Hardened Bushes

- Pins and Block Grounded and hardened.


These technical solutions grant a life reliability and zero jokes persistence.

These joints are the result of a careful construction, with small tolerances, so they can offer great performances.


A particular grounding technique makes a perfect parallelism of the axes and the single parts of the joint.


All the parts in touch are hardened, grounded and lapped.





Also available





Single Joints

Available standard dimensions.

Others on request.


Single Joints with Quick Release

Available standard dimensions.

Others on request.


Slip Shafts with A Series Joints

Available standard dimensions on stock.

Nevertheless, ROTAR is ready and fast in satisfying customer requests with specific sizes.


How to calculate the shaft feasibility

"L" length on request

min  L = (2 x L1) + B + C

max L = (2 x L1) + B + (2 x C)

C = max L - min L

Torsion Moments

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