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Eng. SPOTTI, at BARDI SpA, is an estimator of the ROTAR's ER-HT products
























Bardi history dates back to 1950, when Rino Bardi started designing and manufacturing together with 3 technicians the first filling and washing machines for milk glass bottles. Since that time, the Company has moved the line of application to water, beer, so drinks, juices, becoming a leading player in the bottle washing industry.


Untill today...

At the end of 90s, combined with its strengths of 50 years experience into the returnable glass industry, Bardi directs its attention to the HOD market (5 Litres to 5 Gallons bottles). Today, after 15 years of product innovation and global sales strategies, the company has reached a worldwide leading position for turn-key supply for this industry and represents today a point of reference in terms of technical development and product hygienic safety.

Bardi product portfolio is made by 3 lines:


• Washing machines for glass bottle   »

• Complete lines for water big containers, from 5 Litres to 5 Gallons   »

• Filling and capping monoblock for 5 - 19 Litres PET one-way bottles   »


Basing on...

Competence, innovation and product customization, inherited from the original background of the Company, are the 3 milestones which have allowed Bardi to stay in the market for 60 years. Today Bardi, still managed by the same family, keeps on working according to these values so as to extend its long tradition for years to come.


From this great and experienced company, we are today meeting eng. Spotti, the Technical Director at BARDI S.p.A.


After a long selection period, he chose our ER-HT Joints & Shafts for their Automated Production Lines.



(Q) What did move you to choose the ER-HT products for your lines?


(A) Bardi is used to purchase the best products on the market to design and built up its equipments. We met a few manufacturers of Joint & Shafts in Stainless Steel, which is mandatory in the Food Industry, where our lines are used in. All the Stainless Steel products are certified for this industry, so no problems at all, but they always required a specific grease, which has to be certified as well.


(Q) So, the ER-HT Joints & Shafts, which do not need any lubrication, were perfectly fitting the High Technology skill that you wanted to give to your Lines.


(A) Yes, this is absolutely something new in the market: a joint that is autolubricated is totally stunning. We wanted to try it immediately and move from the Stainless Steel to the Thermoplastic Joint. When ROTAR, which was already our supplier, introduced us to these products, we had no doubts at all and we wanted to exceed the Stainless Steel limits.


(Q) As You told us, BARDI exhibited its new Lines at the DRINTEC in Munich last september, the Trade show for your Market. What was the customer reaction to the ER-HT products?


(A) Customers were really surprised seeing the Joints & Shafts in thermoplastic Material into a mechanical equipment. We explained them that is not just PLASTIC, but it is a HIGH TECH material, fully certified for Food, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industries which also has an high mechanincal resistance. But they were totally astonished and convinced knowing that these products can be washed with all chemical cleansing agent, event with the aggressive ones, and that they can resist to absolut frequent cleansing operations.

In fact, the Stainless Steel joints & Shafts washed frequently require new lubrication if the cleansing operation is quiet aggressive. In this case, the cost of the grease, the time of the lubrication will be saved, with an immediate time and money result.


(Q) What can you tell us about the temperature?


(A) Our equipments are generally used at the ambient temperarure, so it is not a mandatory requirement for us. But I know these products can be applied up to 260° C 24h a day, with peaks up to 350° C, and I’m pretty sure this is an outstanding performance for all manufacturers which make equipment with joints & Shafts in the food industry.

Typycally the temperature is always an issue in case of use the joints & shafts, in special with high temperaure. The ER-HT pr


(Q) Just one more thing: what about the dust?


(A) Dust has always been a problem, in fact even the stainelss steel joints are generally covered by a bellow, which generally protects food against the dust coming from the friction during the rotation. Furthermore, the bellow sometimes keeps internally the lubricant. This generates a problem during the cleansing process and usually that part is always dirty after a while.

ER-HT products are applied simply “naked”, beautifully “naked”, without the bellows because they don’t produce any dust. Never.

This itself is a step ahead respect to the Stainless Steel joints & Shafts.


Thank you Mr. Spotti for your time.

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