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About us








Rotar* was founded in 1960 and since that date, its target was the product quality and the reliability.


Main idea was a totally different way to apply the well known Mr. Cardano idea. This plus determined the ROTAR’s success.


Today ROTAR is a worldwide known leader in the Universal & Special Joints and Shafts which exports to 85 countries and produces more than 200.000 joints and shafts per year.


Rotar 80% of the turnover is made overseas and exported to the following countries: France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, United Kingdom, Austria, Switzerland Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Belgium, Holland, Greece, Israel, India, Brazil, Singapore, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.


Some products and overseas sales are made in conjunction with our UK associates, IMS ltd and NL associates BONNEKAMP


With an everyday work on new technologies and solutions, ROTAR is proud to renew an important part of the mechanic historical solution as the joint is, always with absolutely revolutionary products.


The third Aramini generation, which manages today the company, boosts the renovation of all internal processes such as the production flow to the Kanban Method, the sales approach and the distribution network into a faster response which makes the Rotar even closer to the customers.





Rotar is all trained and focused on:


- TRACEABILITY on all item








ROTAR has a long experience in all markets possible. Here below some of those:


- Automotive

- Trucks, Heavy and Special Vehicles

- Automation

- Food Handling Machinery

- Packaging Machines

- Wood Machinery

- Military

- Aerospace

- Conveying

- Cinema Cameras





ROTAR is located in Castelleone, Via Dordoni 5, 54 km south of Milan, in the Cremona province, Italy.


ROTAR is a brand owned by OFFICINA MECCANICA FRATELLI ARAMINI - Via Dordoni 5, Castelleone - 26012 - CR - ITALY - Phone +39 0374 58306 - VAT N. 00107640195