Universal BUT Special



ER-HT Series

ROTAR’s R&D took a long time to study such a great and wide possible solution products such as the ER-HT Series. The development involved chemists with a long experience in High Technocology Compounds which are even today something related to the future.


Rotar invested time, energy and beliefs in an innovative key that will move the Joints Application World in a fast forward step, in a totally new market which is today not yet investigated.


In Rotar we think a bit out of the box, otherwise it would be difficult to understand why we are still believing that the Quality is a value in which we believe so strongly, and would be impossible to understand why we worked so hard to make the best, even better presenting to the market an innovation like the one which is contained, in its technical beauty, in the ER-HT Series.


There are many opportunities which remain today without answers.

ER-HT Series responds to all these requests and does it with technology, innovation and quality.


Based on new raw materials (all patented), the Series of products is suitable for several markets. These technical solutions grants foods certifications, dust and maintenance free environment, for medium high to very high temperature never reached until today by the steel nor stainless steel solutions. With a 20% of the Stainless Steel weight, the ER-HT Series is the perfect solution for all applications which need a light and smart idea.


All these new compounds have been developed in cooperation with a top world chemical company.



The ER-HT Series includes the following versions:


• R4FI


• R4TI

• R4P1

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