Universal BUT Special



Installation & maintenance

of Rotar joints.

The yokes of the joints should be in the same plane as shown in the diagram below.

Assemble of the joints incorrectly will produce a velocity motion which is not uniform.




























For the assembly of the joint with a shaft one must position the yokes shown thus 'O' at 90 degrees to the centre line of the inboard yokes is both outboard yokes should be in line with eachother.


The maintenance of the universal joints is reduced to lubrication which should be carried out at least once a day.


In dusty conditions it is advisable to protect the joints with rubber boots which apart from protecting the joints from possible contamination allows the internal cavity of the boot to be filled with grease thus providing a continuous self lubrication process.


The permise for perfect working of shafts with universal joints is the scupulous observation of the following installation conditions:



















To obtain uniformity of movements it is essential that the angles of the two shafts should be equal and lie in the same plane.



















The input shaft and the driven shaft can only be disposed parallel to each other in order not to produce resulting angular velocity variations which have not been compensated.


























The shaft support bearings should situated as close as possible to the joints to reduce radial loads.

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