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V Series. Strengths


High precision cardan joints with needle bearings.


V Series has needle bearing and hardened bushes.

This type of joints grants a very high speed and an absolutely constant accuracy.


Cardan joints and slip shaft ROTAR are elements that enable the connection and transmission of off-centre mechanisms in the cheapest and most satisfactory way.


As far as accuracy and life are concerned the cardan joints showed in this site, are the best possible in this field.


The ROTAR joints are able to meet a complete range of power and speed applications on modern machines.


This site include the various types we produce and shows how to select the correct Rotar joints for any particular application.



AL Series with high benefit-cost ratio. Perfect for medium-low speed and limited transmitted torque.


With a long term reliability, it is the perfect choice for general purpose applications.








Also available

Single Joints

Available standard dimensions.

Others on request.


   L1X, L2X, L3X, on request

Single Joints with Quick Release

Available standard dimensions.

Others on request.


Slip Shafts with V Series Joints

Available standard dimensions.

Others on request.


How to calculate the shaft feasibility

"L" length on request

min  L = (2 x L1) + B + C

max L = (2 x L1) + B + (2 x C)

C = max L - min L



Normal execution is with circular bore.

Keyways - squares - hexagons - are on request.

The splined shaft is normally supplied drawed, but we can supply the splined milled-hardened grounded.

Torsion Moments

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